About us


As humans are, we are very different. With different experiences, polar views, unique dreams, even various preferences of undergarment colourings (not to mention models). This does not apply to some of us since the mere existence of the term “undergarments” is against their religious views and anyone mentioning this, faces the risk of turning them into a horde of uncontrollable berserkers. You have to agree that a horde, consisting of one person is impressive indeed. Sometimes differences help, more often they don’t, but it is something entirely different that is important. We can bring any project to its illogical end and that’s something, as our abovementioned acquaintance is never tired to repeat.  


Just like in many other organisations, members of our group are humans. Just like other humans, they have strengths, weaknesses and internal organs good enough to sell on virtually every black market this planet has got. Having at least two of the above characteristics is the minimum requirement for other humans who would like to work in our team.

The following descriptions have been established by means of a sociological survey, administered among people of one small but proud and mountainy country.

Ex-büro21 people: