About us

Igor Plyusch

He’s the author of a couple of numbers in the company’s name. No one, including himself, knows why he chose these two numbers. This pretty much characterises his role in the company: there was a time when he was writing the word ‘gramophone’ on the board every morning and winked mysteriously at everyone who took notice while rubbing his hands vigorously. This routine lasted for almost half a year until someone asked him whether he’d like to try doing something else. Since then graphics design, concept development, brief writing and capability of yawning with his mouth closed were added to his daily repertoire.


Just like in many other organisations, members of our group are humans. Just like other humans, they have strengths, weaknesses and internal organs good enough to sell on virtually every black market this planet has got. Having at least two of the above characteristics is the minimum requirement for other humans who would like to work in our team.

The following descriptions have been established by means of a sociological survey, administered among people of one small but proud and mountainy country.

Ex-büro21 people: